Azaleas Flower

The genus name Rhododendron  is derived from the Greek rhodon, rose and dendron, tree. Rhododendron is a member of the Ericaceae  family. Rhododendron simsii is native to Southeast Asia and southern China. R. obtusum is native to Japan.

Nasu-kogen Highlands Tochigi

azalea2‘The Yawatasaki-kogen Highlands spread on the hillside of the Nasu-kogen Highlands at around 1,100 meters above sea level, with azaleas growing in colonies in an area of 13 hectares. The promenades are well arranged throughout the colonies, to make you enjoy the enriching experience of strolling through the tunnels of azaleas. While walking through the red flowers of 100,000 azalea bushes, it is not uncommon to encounter wild animals. Beyond the flowers, you can also view the expanse of the Kanto Plain as well as Chausu-dake, the highest peak of Mt. Nasu-dake.’



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